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iPhone Photo Apps: How to Get the Best from the iPhone Camera

iPhone Pics

The iPhone has revolutionized photography, putting a powerful camera in the hands of millions. While the built-in camera app is excellent, third-party apps unlock even more potential, offering advanced features and pro-level controls that can take your photography to the next level. In this blog, we'll explore how to get the best from the iPhone camera using top-rated apps like Halide Mark II, FiLMiC Firstlight, and more. Our focus will be on utilizing these apps' pro camera features rather than post-processing and editing.

Halide Mark II: The Photographer’s Choice


Halide Mark II is a favorite among professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. This app turns your iPhone into a powerful manual camera, providing precise control over every aspect of your shot.

Key Features:

  1. Manual Focus: Halide allows you to switch to manual focus, giving you the ability to fine-tune focus points. This is particularly useful for macro photography or low-light situations where the auto-focus might struggle.

  2. Exposure Control: With Halide, you can manually adjust the exposure to get the perfect brightness for your photos. This is crucial in tricky lighting conditions, such as backlit scenes or high-contrast environments.

  3. Focus Peaking: This feature highlights the in-focus areas in your frame, making it easier to ensure sharpness where you want it. It’s especially helpful for portrait photography and macro shots.

  4. Histogram: The real-time histogram in Halide Mark II provides a visual representation of the exposure levels in your shot, helping you avoid overexposure and underexposure.

  5. RAW and ProRAW: Halide supports RAW and Apple’s ProRAW formats, giving you more flexibility in post-processing. RAW images contain more data than JPEGs, allowing for greater adjustments in editing software.

Tips for Using Halide Mark II:

  • Take Advantage of Manual Controls: Spend time learning how to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and white balance manually. This knowledge will give you greater creative control over your photos.
  • Use the Focus Loupe: When focusing manually, use the focus loupe to magnify the area you’re focusing on. This ensures pinpoint accuracy.
  • Enable Grid and Level: The grid helps with composition, while the level ensures your horizons are straight.

FiLMiC Firstlight: The Hybrid Shooter’s Dream

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FiLMiC Firstlight blends the best of digital and analog photography, offering a range of manual controls alongside intuitive automatic settings.

Key Features:

  1. Manual Controls: Like Halide, FiLMiC Firstlight provides manual control over focus, exposure, ISO, and white balance. These controls allow for precise adjustments to match your creative vision.

  2. Vintage Film Looks: FiLMiC Firstlight includes a variety of film simulations that emulate classic film stocks. These looks can add a unique character to your photos without extensive editing.

  3. Highlight and Shadow Control: Adjust the highlights and shadows to bring out details in both the brightest and darkest parts of your image. This feature helps in achieving balanced exposures in challenging lighting.

  4. Burst Mode: Capture multiple shots in quick succession to ensure you get the perfect moment, especially useful for action shots or unpredictable subjects like pets and children.

Tips for Using FiLMiC Firstlight:

  • Experiment with Film Looks: Try different film simulations to see which ones complement your style and the subject you’re shooting.
  • Leverage Burst Mode: Use burst mode in dynamic situations to increase your chances of capturing the perfect shot.
  • Adjust Highlight and Shadow: Fine-tune these settings to enhance the detail in your images, especially in scenes with high contrast.

ProCam 8: Versatility at Its Best


ProCam 8 offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to both photography and videography, making it a versatile choice for any iPhone photographer.

Key Features:

  1. Full Manual Controls: ProCam 8 provides complete manual control over focus, exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance, allowing for professional-level adjustments.

  2. 3D Photos and Night Mode: The app supports 3D photos and a dedicated night mode, expanding your creative possibilities.

  3. Live Histogram and Focus Peaking: These features help in achieving perfect exposure and focus, similar to Halide.

  4. Wide Range of Formats: ProCam 8 supports various file formats, including TIFF, RAW, and HEIF, giving you flexibility depending on your post-processing needs.

Tips for Using ProCam 8:

  • Utilize Night Mode: For low-light photography, switch to night mode to capture more detail and reduce noise.
  • Explore 3D Photo Mode: Experiment with 3D photos to add a new dimension to your photography.
  • Monitor the Histogram: Use the live histogram to ensure your exposures are well-balanced.

Moment Pro Camera: The Filmmaker’s Companion

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Moment Pro Camera is designed with filmmakers in mind but offers robust features for still photography as well.

Key Features:

  1. Dual and Triple Lens Control: Moment allows you to seamlessly switch between the different lenses on your iPhone, making it easy to compose the perfect shot.

  2. Precise Manual Adjustments: Full manual control over focus, exposure, ISO, and white balance is available, giving you the tools to capture exactly what you envision.

  3. Anamorphic Lens Support: If you use Moment’s anamorphic lenses, the app supports de-squeezing, allowing you to see your final composition as you shoot.

Tips for Using Moment Pro Camera:

  • Leverage Lens Options: Use the app’s easy switching between lenses to find the best perspective for your shot.
  • Experiment with Anamorphic Lenses: If you have them, the anamorphic lens can add a cinematic feel to your photos and videos.
  • Manual Controls: Familiarize yourself with the manual settings to have more creative control over your photography.

In Conclusion

The iPhone camera is powerful on its own, but with the right apps, you can unlock its full potential. Halide Mark II, FiLMiC Firstlight, ProCam 8, and Moment Pro Camera each offer unique features that cater to different photography styles and needs. By mastering these apps’ pro camera features, you can elevate your photography, capturing stunning images with your iPhone. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, these tools will help you make the most of your iPhone camera, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary memories.