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Liquid Dancing Images & Videos

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A gesture-based interpretive dance, Liquid Dancing involves aspects of pantomime using fluid motions of the dancer's body and limbs. In its most basic form, movements are focused on the hands and arms, while advanced dancers utilize their entire bodies to provide wave-like movements. Liquid Dance shares common elements with Popping, a 1980s b-boy and funk-style dance. There are several techniques and styles in the Liquid Dancing repertoire. The Hand Flow consists of a fluid-like motion between both hands. The most basic version is a simple wave motion, which begins at one hand and travels along their arms until they reach the other hand. This is the first move learned by dancers, and their approach to the Hand Flow determines their personal liquid style. Other movements include Rails, Waves, Traces, Threads, Contours, Splits, and Builds. In Threads, dancers maintain an illusion of pulling parts of their body through holes created by the positioning of their arms. In ...

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