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Bhangra, a lively mix of deep musical drumbeats with strong, athletic movements, is an Indian dance and music form that originates from Punjab, which encompasses Northern India and Northeastern Pakistan. The dance form may date back as early as 300 BC when farmers performed it to welcome the Spring and “Bhang” harvest. Although this ancient history is not certain, the form is surely quite old, as there is evidence that Punjabi wheat farmers used Bhangra as a harvest festivity as early as the 13th century. “Bhangra” is a general term used to describe several types of dance and music performed at various occasions in Punjabi culture. For example, Ihumar is a type of Bhangra characterized by graceful movements performed in a circle around a drum player. Dancers perform the Luddi, another Bhangra form, by placing one hand behind the head and the other in front of the face, moving like a snake around a drummer. The forms of Bhangra types are many, with the choreography mirroring the ...

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